Easy Songs To Play On Guitar

I remember when I first started playing the guitar for the first time. Man it was hard! My fingers where sore most of the time & my hand was hurting a lot but I moved through the pain because I knew that one day I will be able to play some cool songs with my friends. I thought I was the worst guy to try and learn the guitar but after some practice I have reached a goal & still working to improve my skills. I first started with easy songs to play on guitar & moved on to more advanced songs from there. The guitar has taught me many life lessons & I am a also a better person since I first started playing guitar not to mention that the girls went crazy :) But don't start learning guitar because of someone else, just do it for yourself because that's the only way to motivate yourself to work harder and achieve what you want. You should first start learning the basic open chords which can then be used to play 100s of songs. These chords are the E,C,F or Fmaj7,D,G,Em,Dm,A. After you get used to these simple chords you can move on to playing easy songs. I am so glad i decided to learn guitar because now I have a new hobby which I try to practice at least 5 minutes a day. This has also helped make good friends. I never knew it would be so much fun to jam with other people with different creativity & style. Also make sure to listen to a lot of music & start identifying an guitars in each song, this helps you develop your ear. Apart from that, listening to music helps you with rhythm & can also help you get some inspiration for your own songs. You can also see some of the favorite easy songs to play on guitar.